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You need a pot with drainage or you should use lots of rocks in the bottom of the planter to provide drainage. I have several and they look like this when they get dry. They also don't do great in very bright/hot sunlight. How Do You Know Your Peace Lily Is Too Big? The fun part about owning and growing a houseplant like a peace lily is you have options for where you’ll plant it.

Do peace lilies like to be root bound

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They also don't do great in very bright/hot sunlight. How Do You Know Your Peace Lily Is Too Big? The fun part about owning and growing a houseplant like a peace lily is you have options for where you’ll plant it. Some indoor gardeners use soil to grow their peace lilies and others water. No matter which of the two you chose, you always take the best care of your peace lily.


Tell-tale signs include yellow or wilting leaves and  Here are just a few unexpected items that can help your houseplants not just survive, One of the basic rules of houseplant care is to repot when the roots start getting cramped, but some plants prefer those cozy conditions. Other Although peace lilies can stay in the same pot for a while, potting up will need to happen when the roots are filling the pot and the plant is becoming pot bound. 30 Jul 2020 Peace Lilies, aka Spathiphyllum, are actually a very diverse genus that can is fine but generally this is the upper limit of what they like in Melbourne.

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Do peace lilies like to be root bound

If the peace lily root mass was not pot-bound and no damaged roots are apparent, there is no need to cut into the root system. If this is the case or once you have divided a root mass, the only Peace lilies Peace lilies benefit from being snug in their pots – I assume it’s because they like to be kept moist but not met.

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